2021/07 festival Urbaka in Limoges

dk 20210701 5637 urbaka21An evening at the Urbaka festival of street theatre in Limoges.  Some very good performances, but conditions very difficult for photographers - very little natural light after 21h, almost no lighting and performers in constant movement.   
I arrived around 19h and met some colleagues from PhotoLim87 while waiting for the first piece "Café Olé" - amusing, with tallented artists.  After it was the turn of the dancer Claire Ducreux, elegant, moving, truly superb.  Around 21h30 we watched the company "uppercut", three contemporary dancers on points in a square metal enclosure like a boxing ring placed in front of the catherdral - huge energy and style, highly original.  After the performance I took a few portraits of the dancers in front of the cathedral doors. 

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