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Project photo exhibition of local industry

In may 2022, assisted by 3 colleagues from the Club Photo Fils et Cordes, I took a series of photographs of industry in our local area as part of a project to mount an exhibition :

« From raw material to finished product »  


Organised by the Territoire interdépartemental Dordogne/Haute Vienne, the exhibition objective is to display the industries of our region from an artistic point of view.  To show industry in a positive light and to display local knowledge and competences.    

The target audience is local inhabitants and tourists, but also secondary school students. 

To take the photos for the exhibition I visited three factories around St Aulaye and three more around St Germain les Belles.  It was very interesting for me to see and photograph activities as diverse as wool mattresses, pre-fabricated electrical installations, wood pellet boilers for public buildings and slippers for children.  One constraint was a little difficult, it was essential to avoid recognizable faces in the photos for reasons of France's strict "rights to images" laws.

The prints for the exhibition were ordered by the organizers from my submitted files, so i did not see them before the opening at St Germain les Belles on 19th July.  In the event I was very pleased with the 60x80cm prints mounted on rigid pvc panels.


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