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This year the theme is Avaiation in the service of humanity.

To quote the organisers : "In the best tradition of airfield airshows of the 50's, Légend’Air unites, at the St Junien aerodrome, enthousiasts of all types classic aircraft and a public looking for something other than screaming metal."

This year I was available to go both days of the event in company with friends from PhotoLim87 on the 9th and 10th September.  Plenty of time to make a few tours of the parked aircraft with our models, then a shared picnic lunch at the PhotoLim87 stand and then the flight demonstrations in the afternoons.  In 2023 top level aerobatics were represented by Mélanie Astres, 5 times French champion and rarely out of the world top 10.

And because Legendair is also exhibitions of classic road vehicles, at the end of each afternoon we toured the classic cars and trucks with our models and got to know several owners of classic vehicles. 

Two long days in extreme heat (35°C and no shade) but with lots of terrific photo opportunities.

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