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Legend'air 2022, the restart of the annual meeting of classic aircraft in St Junien, France, after cancellations in 2020 and 2021 because of Covid.  This year the theme was "women in aviation" with several woman pilots and especially two world champions of aerobatics : Catherine Maunory et Aude Lemordant.  

Unavailable on saturday 10 september, I went to the event on sunday 11th with two photographer friends to join the team from PhotoLim87 and their two models Stephanie et Maryanne.  It was a fine day, but with a very strong contrasty light that was not ideal for the best photography - we did our best !  In the morning a tour of the static displays with our two models, then a shared picnic lunch on the PL87 stand in the exhibition hall, followed by the demonstration flights and aerobatic displays by the two world champions - fabulous !!!  A the end of the afternoon we did a tour of the classic cars display with the two models and met several charming and interesting car owners.  

A long and very hot day but with many terrific moments to photograph.



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