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The second part of my blog about the jazz festival Eclats d'Email in Limoges november 2021.  
A wonderful opportunity for photography and superb music.   


After JP Bimeni at the Opéra and Lioness Shape at the Ambassade club the 13 nov, and modern jazz ensemble MOM at the Union theatre tuesday 16th (see blog first part) I attended the Ji Dru concert, also at the Union theatre thursday 18th.  For me undoubtedly the best concert of the festival  - superb music, original, the first time I had heard a flute as the principal instrument of a jazz group.  This was sometimes dreamlike, sometimes powerful and with the amazing voice of singer Sandra Nkaké.  Regarding lighting, like the last concert at the Union theatre, it was too low level for good photography and often very odd colours, difficult for the photographer...      

Later that evening, the group Naë at the Ambassade Club.

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